Seeing Double: The Portmanteau Portmanteau

Architectural playthings

2018 — Built

Exhibit and Installation Design

The Portmanteau Portmanteau is a set of architectural playthings that pack multiple spatial identities into one brimming suitcase. Just as a linguistic portmanteau seamlessly combines two existing words, this series of architectural portmanteaux seamlessly blends nuggets of architectural identity (typologies, behaviors, aesthetics, and character) into single toy-like objects. In turn, each architectural portmanteau may be combined with other portmanteaux to form fantastic compound “sentences” within the dioramic interior of the suitcase. For example, study a stindow (stair + window), ponder a porridor (porch + corridor), or woolgather over a woof (wall + roof). For ages 3 and up.

Thie project was exhibited at Milwaukee Art Museum, as part of The Portmanteau Exhibit curated by Mo Zell, Kyle Reynolds, Jasmine Benyamin, Whitney Moon, and Nikole Bouchard of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, School of Architecture and Urban Planning.

Design Team: Joseph Altshuler, Zack Morrison, and Lily Hernandez