Crosswalk Infrastructure

2022 — Built

GARY-GOYLES are a family of friendly monsters that greet pedestrians and guide public trans-it-goers to and from bus stops in downtown Gary, Indiana. Like their more well-known cousins (the Gargoyles who often reside along the walls of Gothic cathedrals), the GARY-GOYLES also watch over their human companions and protect them from evil spirits—and speeding motor-ists to boot. These playful, shapely graphics reference the geometry of the nearby convention center and bus station plazas. The GARY-GOYLES’ creaturely disposition (eyes, snouts, legs) animate the streetscape and provide friendly companionship for passersby while their pointed, angular geometry helps point pedestrians along the direction of travel.

Design: Could Be Design with Andrea Jablonski
Painting Team: Andrea Jablonski with Joseph Altshuler, Zack Morrison, Efrain Araujo, and Evan Stolatis
Commissioning Agent: Gary Public Transportation Corporation
Photography: Brian Griffin