Make an Anthropo-Scene

Diorama-esque Installation

2017 — Built

Collaborators: Cosmo Design Factory

Exhibit and Installation Design, Public Space Design, Environmental Graphics

Make an Anthropo-Scene reduces architectural form to a simplified volumetric outline and a slightly erroneous and cartoonish shadow that makes occupiable space within and around a shallow, thirty-foot-long display alcove. The installation challenges the traditional boundary and threshold between the public floor of a hallway and the closed frame of a display case, instead inviting passersby to pop their heads in, be hugged by, or sit between the creaturely outlines that undulate in and out of the alcove—inviting the public to become a part of the ever-changing dioramic scene. In the process, the installation punches a small, cartoon-shaped hole into the fabric of reality in order to suggest that alternative worlds of inhabitation are possible.