Arena Activation Space

Rideshare pick-up kiosk and exhibit

2018 — On Hold

Collaborators: Popskull

Exhibit and Installation Design, Public Space Design, Environmental Graphics

These public installations make architectural space in around the forms of foam hands paraphernalia worn by sports fans. While typical foam hands are often limited to a "We're #1" finger gesture, the hand forms explored in this project encompass a broad range of communicative hand gestures inspired by the emoji lexion. In one arena box, 'The Wobble Room,' visitors are invited to interact with and activate a series of life-size hand emoji forms, animating them into friendly waves of greeting. In another room, 'The Handstand,' visitors can inhabit the hollowed-out interiors of the hand gesture forms, cuddling up into an intimate nook or resting on a shapely bench. Colorful graphics and shadow projections on the wall create of rich and immersive environment of hand-based visual communication.