Sink Your Teeth into Dessert

Candy Bowl Architecture

2019 — Built

Exhibit and Installation Design

More than any other course of the meal, dessert is the most prone to sharing. Perhaps it is its conclusive role; perhaps it’s its caloric excess; perhaps it is just because it’s fun to pass around the ice cream tub. Dessert amplifies collective consumption.

This project re-enacts the most over-the-top shared ice cream confection originating from South Florida*: the Kitchen Sink. This important household plumbing fixture-meets-oversized-helping-of-dessert is over-scaled precisely to initiate a shared indulgent revelry. The project operates at multiple scales of architectural and edible pleasure. On one hand, it is a 1:1 architectural fixture emitting over-exuberant drain piping. On the other hand, it is a 1:50 scale model of a seriously playful other world in which the undulating piping creates a range of human spaces and experiences around it. Most importantly, it is also an open candy bowl, offering sweets to all passersby and their companions.

This project was exhibited at Bakehouse Art Complex as part of Dawntown Miami's Succulent: Recipes of Architectural Consumption exhibition at Miami Art Week | Art Basel 2019.

*Kitchen Sink® is a registered trademark and design of Monroe Udell, founder of Jaxon’s Ice Cream Parlor, one of South Florida's iconic landmarks. Udell “dished up some of it in a huge concoction he called ‘The Kitchen Sink,’ festooned with sparklers and arriving at the table with the blast of a siren as loud as a fire engine’s.”

Photography: Joseph Altshuler, Mateo Serna, and Joachim Perez.