Drawing Agency

Special Topic Seminar

School of the Art Institute of Chicago: 2017

This course navigates two trajectories of design communication: the practice and production of architectural drawings on one hand, and the editing and broadcast of graphic arguments on the other. These two trajectories are intimately linked, as every compelling architectural drawing articulates a position, and every architectural argument relies on drawing conventions to build audiences, engage understanding, and command persuasion. This course challenges students to embrace the drawing’s role as an animate actor and to create visual artifacts that communicate a spatial narrative and a cultural agenda. We draw agency in the world just as we enact the agency of drawings. The work embraces the drawing’s role as an animate actor—a site of speculation, conjecture, and action.

Work shown by students Julia Lopes, Lily Hernandez, Zuri Zubari, Domenica Cevallos, and Tammy Wen.